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Can i change or modify my order?Updated a year ago

Unfortunately, you can not modify or change your orders once it has been placed.

Our fulfillment warehouse and agent automate the order management process with strict procedures in place to ensure a streamlined operation and quick turnaround time from you placing your order to it being shipped out. This prevents us from intercepting an order once it has been placed. 


There are some isolated cases where we can still amend an order if you have placed an order with the bank deposit payment option. This holds your order until we receive payment, which means, we can still at this stage include something for you or take out and reissue you with an invoice ready for payment thereafter. 


1. If you forgot an item on your order, you would have to place another order separately, which will then be treated as a unique order.

 2. We are unable to modify or amend orders after they are placed and paid for. Orders that are yet to ship, may be canceled and refunded so that a new order may be placed with the correct items. If the order has already been shipped, please contact customer service for further advice.

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