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Why is PrimeSelf different to other brands?

PrimeSelf is dedicated to changing this and creating industry-leading products to pave the way for a new standard in the health and wellness space. All of our products feature science-backed ingredients in clinically effective doses, no unnecessary f

Why choose PrimeSelf?

SMART EFFECTIVE SUPPLEMENTS. PRIMESELF, established in 2016, is a new-age health and wellness company dedicated to providing smart, functional, and effective supplements that enhance health, wellness, and performance. It all began with our founder &

Where are your mushrooms sourced?

Our mushrooms are spruced and imported from our trusted, reputable, and long-standing supplier in China. We pride ourselves on using branded, patented, and premium ingredients in our formulations, and our mushrooms are NO EXCEPTION to that! All of ou

What are your mushroom extract specifications?

You won’t find any hidden nasty ingredients such as artificial additives or preservatives in any of our mushroom extracts. Organic Lions Mane Specifications. Standardised to 30% Beta Glucan Content. Source: Sporocarp (Fruiting Body). Dual Extract (Wa