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Discounts & Coupons

Discounts, promotions, and coupons.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! We have awesome sales, specials and discounts that run on our website every so often! To be notified of these promotions, please sign up to our mailing list via the signup form at the bottom of our website homepage. We offer all first-time custo

How do i get the "Introduction" discount?

If you did not receive your unique discount code at all, you can use INTRO10 at checkout for 10% OFF or alternatively contact our support for more information.

How to redeem or apply a discount code?

Discount codes can be entered during the checkout process, there will be a "discount" field where you can enter the code and click "apply". *Please note, you may only apply ONE discount code per order. They are not stackable.

Can i stack multiple discount codes together?

Unfortunately, coupons and discounts cannot be stacked. Only ONE type of discount, code, or coupon can be used per order. This means, if we are running a sale or promotion where there is a discount applied at checkout, you will not be able to apply a